9 Good Reasons to Learn How to Play Piano

By | June 4, 2023

If you’re thinking about learning how to play piano, here are 9 compelling reasons to test your skill as a musician and take action now. This article looks at why budding musicians should start with the piano or keyboard as their chosen instrument and, by way of introduction, here’s the complete list of reasons for you to ponder over before making a final decision about how to play the piano.

1. The piano is an easy instrument on which to learn.

Learn the notes on the keyboard, and how to play them in appropriate combinations, and all you have to do is press them down in the right order to make sweet music.

2. Quickly impress your friends and relatives.

Given the relatively easy nature of learning to play piano, you’ll be able to play recognisable tunes for friends and relatives that much sooner.

3. Reduce stress and learn to relax.

Music is well known for its capacity to provide an atmosphere of calm in times of stress. Piano music can be particularly calming and playing your favourite piano pieces can soothe away the blues. Indeed, that’s why much of it was written!

4. Improve your intelligence.

Did you know there is a connection between those who play a musical instrument and intelligence? It is supposed that musicians are better able to solve problems in a logical order. So, playing the piano can make you more intelligent!

5. Improve your dexterity, especially hand, eye and ear co-ordination.

Related to 4. above, playing the piano involves a complex interplay of hands, eyes and ears. It also strengthens your fingers and keeps them supple, which might be important as you get older.

6. Learn to read music and an entirely new language beckons.

Many people learning a musical instrument baulk at the idea of learning to read music. But music is just another kind of language. Learn the basics and playing the piano becomes that much easier.

7. Provide opportunities for improvisation.

All musicians dream about being able to make up their own music around a particular theme. When you learn the notes on the piano, you can start to improvise quite early on in your musical journey.

8. Widen your appreciation of music.

The piano is possibly the most versatile of all musical instruments. Learn how to play it and you will almost certainly want to play all manner of musical styles you never thought you had any interest in playing.

9. Paint pictures in your mind and enrich your imagination.

Music is about the creation of different moods and about painting pictures in your mind. The piano is the instrument of choice for so many composers not just because it’s so easy to play, but because it allows free reign to the imagination and fuels the possibilities of musical parts for others instruments.


The musical instrument you choose to play could determine whether you achieve your lifelong goal of becoming a musician. By deciding to learn to play the piano today, you could make that dream a little closer to becoming a reality.